Surayya Taha – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The 2106-17 school year has passed the 10-day mark and the population of Mustangs has skyrocketed to a total of 2386.  Last year there were 2107 students.

The 10-day mark signifies the school’s official population number.

LRHS registrar Denise Turner said the 2016-17 freshman class is the largest, and the school’s ratio of boys to girls is almost fifty-fifty.

Freshman include 617 students with 328 boys and 289 girls.  Sophomores include 572 students with 278 boys and 293 girls.  Juniors include 593 students with 290 boys and 303 girls.  Seniors include 604 students with 303 boys and 301 girls.

New freshmen settling in at LRHS

Devon Duran and Nick Maxham – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Around 600 anxious freshmen entered LRHS for the first day of school just 10 days ago. Two weeks have passed and now many ninth-graders are comfortable reflecting on the change from middle school.

Jason Breiner said, “it’s a more mature environment.  It’s a lot more organized, and I feel proud to be apart of such a diverse school.”

Some students note the benefits of the school’s block schedule.

Eric Miller said, “I like the block schedule a lot more than a traditional middle school schedule, having two days to do assignments and study is something I am a fan of.”

Scott Baker said, “I like my teachers this year. I can see that they really do want me to succeed.”

Ethan Nicholls said, “I like the wide variety of classes I have the option to take.”

Ryan Hillock said, “I like all the clubs the school has to offer. I might join the poetry club.”