Bryce Boese and Mike Rogers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The Olympics is a tournament where the world’s strongest, fastest and most gifted athletes gather to make their marks in the greatest competition of mankind and bring gold and glory to their nations. This is the most prestigious sports tournament in which the best athletes of nations of the world compete in sporting events to win the highest athletic honor: the Olympic Gold medal.

This year the Olympics was in the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.  Athletes from long-reigning gold medalists like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt to the rookies of the games such as Simone Biles and Ibtihaj Muhammad, created or cemented their legacies.

Mustangs enjoyed the competiton.

Junior Ally Boudreau said, “My favorite Olympic sport is gymnastics, because it is fun to watch and I can’t do flips like the pros. My favorite Olympian is Simone Biles. If I could be in the Olympics in any way, I would be a personal trainer because I want to major in the medical field.”

Freshman Haley Bagshaw said “I’d have I enjoy beach volley the most because I play volley and it’s interesting to see how the professionals do it and how they dive for the ball. April Ross has to be my favorite Olympic athlete. I believe The US is winning so much because we train very frequently.”

Discipline dean Mike Escorcia offered his take.

“I’ve been really enjoying swimming. I like it a lot,” he said. “I’ve been really getting into the gymnastics. Michael Phelps is my favorite. He says this is his last year but I think it’s in him to do another. I think we’re doing so good because we have so much resources to train our athletes with. Some poorer countries might not be able to afford the gyms and pools to train their athletes in, where as here we value our athletes and give them the best facilities and equipment they require.

Freshman English teacher Michael Wood has also been watching the games.

“The balance beam in particular what fills me most with trepidation,” he said. “My favorite athlete is the athlete who is performing to the best of their ability without the use of performance enhancing substances; athletes who are true to the sport! I think we have probably a better ability in our economy. We have the resources to build facilities that are like stables of athletes”