Rodgers making LRHS a nicer neighborhood

Skylee Miller – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)  – “Mrs. Rodgers is an amazing teacher, she’s awesome, she’s helpful, teaches a lot, and she gives you a lot of life skills and life lessons,” junior Abraham Aoudi said.

LRHS learning strategies teacher Susan Rodgers assists a student with her assignments.

Mustangs welcome teacher Susan Rodgers to LRHS , and her students have only good thing to say about her.

Rodgers is the new learning strategies teacher at LRHS, previously working in Sarasota county at Oak Park School for 12 out of the 22 years she has been working in education.

Rodgers grew up in Bradenton going to Pride elementary, Sugg Middle, and then graduated from Manatee High school.

“I love being at Lakewood, it was a great change for me,” she said. ” I didn’t always want to be a teacher, my son had a learning disability and that’s when I went back to school to learn about that, and that’s when I ended up becoming a teacher.”

Rodgers is currently working on a big career project, assessing skills and likes and matching those to careers, financial aid, and jobs beyond college.

“Meaningful activities and not just busy work, and also keeping up the most up to date ways to do that, with using today’s technology and making sure that it is useful.” is what Rodgers thinks is the best teaching strategies for students.

“I love my students, I have high hopes for all of them and high expectations for all of them.”

Boys soccer playoff game tonight

Maddison Krstec – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Due to the inclement weather yesterday the boys state regional quarterfinal varsity soccer game against Wiregrass High School was postponed 24 hours.

Junior forward Pablo Vargas said, “I am nervous because we have herd great things about Wiregrass, their record is twenty wins and two losses. The better team will come out on top.”

The game will be at 7:00 tonight at home.

Mustangs musicians perform school’s first every chamber recital

Jamie Tarriela – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – At 7 p.m., Jan. 27, select students from the Mustang Chamber Orchestra performed at the school’s first Chamber Music Recital.

Twelve songs were performed by select soloists and small ensembles playing instruments found in traditional string orchestras. Additionally, songs played with instruments such as the piano, flute and guitar were featured.

Mustang orchestra director Daniel Shafer said, “This was the first Chamber Music Recital that we’ve done. The recital acts almost like a practice run for the students, preparing them for the Solo and Ensemble Festival we are attending this weekend.”

Mustangs get vital lessons on academy day

Friday was LRHS academy homeroom day.  Students participated in various activities related to their educational and career interests.  Mustang seniors and juniors had critical class meetings to discuss vital topics.


Markella Paradissis-Wagner -LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS senior class meeting discussed many important topics for the graduating class.

“It was really informative. We talked about a lot of upcoming events and how to be ready for graduation,” said senior Niki Freer.

Seniors have yet to choose their class song.  Senior class adviser Ann Flurry will distribute a CD containing several options to economics and  government classes and students will vote on which song they like best.

Fleury also told seniors it’s not too late to order a cap and gown. Even students unsuer of their graduation status should buy one anyway, because it’s possible to get a full refund. The caps and gowns are ordered through Herff Jones.

Senior fees are $30 and need to be turned in to Flurry before or after school. Plus, senior apparel is still on sale before and after school.  Tickets for Grad Bash are also available for purchase, but no one has bought any. Fleury said If there is no interest by next week she will cancel Grad Bash.

Graduation 2016 is scheduled for the evening of June 1. The graduation rehearsal will be held that morning, and the ceremony will take place at night. Anyone planning to participate in graduation must attend rehearsal.

“I’m excited to graduate and go to college,” senior Sydney Wolf said.


Skylee Miller – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)  – “It is perfectly normal to be nervous. Have fun and take it seriously,” Keiser University community relations director Christopher Parent told LRHS juniors preparing for their career shadowing project.

Friday juniors had a class meeting to get information about the project, which is required for graduation.

“Career Shadowing is a wonderful opportunity to get experience in a career you might be interested in. Even if it’s not something you want to do, you can cross it off your list,” Parent said.

LRHS college and career counselor Michelle Toderoff said, “I thought the junior meeting was very informative and the drama department did a good job on why it is important to do the career shadowing.”

Members of the school drama department performed a series of skits related to succeeding in the shadowing project.

Senior Nicole Peterson said, ” I really felt a connection with my character and I remembered some of the lack of motivation my character felt when I did career shadowing and I’m glad that I conquered my shadow and my performance.”

Mustangs HOSA prepares for competition

Jade Edmonds and Grace Harvey – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS HOSA members are studying up for their big regional competition.

The competition covers a variety of different things, ranging from written to hands-on tests from medical, forensic, nutrition,  CPR,  veterinary science and many more.  There are individual , leadership and teamwork events.

The regional competition is next week, so the members have a little more time to prepare for their event.

There will be 22 members from Lakewood Ranch HOSA attending. The competition will include students from Sarasota, Desoto, and Manatee county area. Students who place first, second, or third qualify for state competition in April.

Students have to study materials pertaining to their various topics.  Students can find more information about topics online under competitive event guidelines.

LRHS HOSA member Milly Harvey, junior, said,”I am competing in Forensic Medicine. My favorite TV channel is Investigation Discovery, so that kind of stuff has always interested me.”

According the the HOSA website, “HOSA is an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. HOSA’s two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA’s goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to join and be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.”