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May Chongwiboon and Leo Rivera – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Justin Bieber and One Direction both recently released new albums on the same day. There was a lot of competition between these artists due to the fact that they are both extremely popular. “Made In The A.M” by One Direction and “Purpose” by Justin Bieber have topped the music charts and are receiving millions of downloads worldwide.

Who is the better artist, One Direction or Justin Bieber? 

Made In The A.M” by One Direction has 17 songs. The band announced that this will be their last album for a few years while they take time off to relax and write songs with no rush.

 What is your favorite song from “Made In The A.M”? 

Justin Bieber has made a comeback with his album, “Purpose.” Bieber’s last album came out nearly two years ago and there have been many scandalous issues that took place in his time off. He is beginning to transition from a teen pop star to an artist that adults can respect and listen to. Bieber released 13 music videos that is entitled The Purpose Movement.

What is your favorite song from “Purpose”?