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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Summer has come to an end and Mustangs made unforgettable memories in the past months.

Senior Alana Sherman spent her summer working out and playing tennis. She also helped out around Lakewood Ranch to receive community service hours. Her favorite memory of summer was the day she saved a turtle on the road. In July, she also performed some on her favorite songs in front of a crowd at Ed’s on Main Street.

“Summer was amazing,” she said, “but I’m happy to be back with my friends and finish school so I can go on to college.”

Although some students stayed local during summer, junior Kaylee Misiti traveled around the country.

Misiti traveled to California where she visited family in Compton, and also went to Colorado, Chicago, and Tennessee. She also won the PGF National Championships with her softball team.

“My favorite part of summer was probably going to Rainbow River with my family in June, ” she said.

She also got to see singer Lana Del Rey in concert for the first time at the Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Senior Anthony Suarez spent his summer on the basketball court. He played competitively with the LRHS team at USF and Eckerd College where his team posted an 18-4 record.

Off the court, he ended his summer by going to the J. Cole concert in Tampa with friends and worked at Smoothie King.

“My summer was fun but now I’m focused on school and ready to graduate,” he said.

New Mustangs freshmen Amanda Pogue and Sophia Sahr experienced their first summer as high schoolers.

Pogue spent her summer at LRHS band camp learning music from the marching band show “Sirens” on the baritone.

Sahr traveled to New York after her sister got into the Broadway Artists Alliance. She also went home to St. Louis, Missouri, where she visited family.