Senior parking pass sales scheduled

Layne Thompson – LRHS Outreach Coordinator

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – It may be summer, but Mustang seniors have a few important days coming up.  Senior parking passes and parking spots will be available on June 23, 25, and 30. Spots are $40 and will be available in the bookkeeping office.

The application can be printed off the school website, under the “Students”  tab. You must bring your driver license, registration and proof of insurance.

A senior spot can insure no more parking at the back of the lot. So seniors are urged to acquire your pass and spot at the end of June.

Mustangs consider 2014-15 “re-do’s” as school ends

Megan Spranger – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – It was a great school year here at LRHS but there may be things that some students would go back and fix if they were given the chance.  Whether it be an academic or a social “re-do,” Mustangs can identify several things that would have helped them progress further.

“I would have tried harder in my science class,” said freshman Federico Tello.

Throughout the school year, outstanding students achieve many goals and work hard; however, students like Tello may find that they could have focused on certain classes more.

Sophomore Claire Pangan said, “If I could have, I would’ve expanded my horizons and meet new people.”  Pangan also said she would’ve liked to be more outgoing.

Meeting new friends is important, but some students find that they would have rather strayed away from some of their social life and friendships.

“I would’ve contracted my horizons and would’ve met less people,” said junior Winton Liu. Like Liu, many students understand the point that it’s possible to have too many social connections with other students.

It is crucial to make the best out of the four years of high school.  Students such as these are sure to step up their game next year and hopefully not feel the need to re-do anything.

Student journalism leaders acknowledge 1000th story

“Mustangs Ahead” recently published its 1000th story.  As LRHS’s online news source since 2013, we are extremely proud of this accomplishment and our student leaders noted the event.  “Mustangs Ahead” outreach coordinator Layne Thompson contributed to this reflection.

Julia Harrison – Editor

Progress and achievement can be defined in many ways and measured on different scales. Sometimes we don’t notice progress and we need to take a second to look at not only where we’re headed, but where we’re going.

When I first took Journalism freshman year, I had no idea what the program would accomplish. The school paper was originally entirely print publication and this limited the ability of the paper staff to communicate the news. Four years later, our school paper is completely digital and has just written its 1000th story.

The expansion of the Journalism program here at Lakewood is astonishing. Just last year, there were just 19 staff writers. This year there are over 50. Last year the program averaged 10 stories per week, and this year we average 25 stories per week. We have over 150 twitter followers and our stories reach over 9,000 people.

As editor, I take pride in this growth. I loved watching this program develop into a major communication link between students, teachers, and the community.

Although I will be graduating this year, I could not imagine my high school experience without journalism and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it. I am excited to see where this program is headed in the future.

Sydney Wolf – Associate Editor

As a freshman, I didn’t realize the impact journalism would have on my high school career.

Being a part of this program for the past three years has not only taught me the obvious lessons of formatting and grammar, but I have learned the importance of teamwork and leadership. I’m so proud to say that I have been able to be one of the leaders of the journalism team as we reach our 1,000th story.

As the Associate Editor, I strive to help staff writers create ideas, compose stories, and polish their final products. I’m excited to see what next year has in store with our staff becoming bigger and our viewers growing. I hope to continue to inspire upcoming writers to find the joy in being a journalist as I have.

School’s out, but textbook turn-in continues

Vinny Kasholo – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs who forgot to turn books in on the last day of school need to know there is still time.  Any students who still have books can come in on Monday June 8 to turn in your text books.

“Students can come in from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. that’s when I will be here to still take returns on textbooks,” stated LRHS media specialist Jill Mullins.

After Monday Mustangs will be able to turn in textbooks to the front office.

Lundy impressed after first year with Mustangs

Lindsey Chandler and Samm Rials – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – This past year, LRHS welcomed Dr. Melinda Lundy to the administrative staff. Lundy reflects on her first year and appreciates all that Lakewood has to offer. She describes her first year as “eventful and enjoyable.” 

Lundy was able to improve on herself this year at Lakewood. 

“I was able to apply my skill set and develop relationships,” she said, adding that she thoroughly enjoyed connecting with students, families, and fellow staff members.

Lundy is impressed by the way Lakewood collectively rises to meet the pressure of high expectations for excellence.

Lundy said, “There are so many opportunities to be involved, successful and supported.”

The arts program, the sports teams, and the academics at LRHS were impressive. The talent level never ceased to amaze her year-round.

Lundy has worked all over the school district for more than 20 years.

“Environmentally this feels like a good fit, I look forward to future years,” said Lundy.

After one year Lundy feels like this is her place to stay and she is excited for many years. She claims that LRHS has a family feel.