Mini Mustangs trot into fall

Mackenzie Pierce – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Mini Mustangs have welcomed several new students for the 2014-15 school year and they better get ready because the students have a busy year ahead of them.

Four-year-old Valentina Suarez’s favorite part of being a Mini Mustang is “playing with Ms. Cass [LRHS Voluntary Pre-Kintergarden (VPK) teacher Cass Schutte]” and sitting next to her best friend, Luella Sztuska. The girls will have plenty of time to play with each other and all of the Mini Mustangs as they take part in the many events throughout the year. The first will be Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween. In November they will be holding their annual Thanksgiving Feast, followed by their Holiday Show in December.

LRHS Mini Mustangs enjoy time outside in the school's playground
LRHS Mini Mustangs enjoy time outside in the school’s playground

Parents are very active in the Mini Mustang program and are key to the success of the students.

“Most of our events wouldn’t be possible without parent help,” said Schutte.

The Trunk-or-Treat event relies solely on parents because the class goes from trunk to trunk of parents’ cars to collect various goodies.

Parent support is also vital to the Mini Mustangs as they will attend the Holiday Show, Mother’s Day Tea Party, Talent Show, and Graduation throughout the year to see their children’s hard work and growth.

Mini Mustangs show off arts and crafts projects
Mini Mustangs show off arts and crafts projects

Schutte is also important to the Mini Mustangs and it is easily seen that the Mini Mustangs love their teacher.

“My favorite part about being a Mini Mustang is playing with Ms. Cass,” said Sebastian Lemke.

Suarez agrees and said, “I love seeing Ms. Cass everyday.”

“My goal is for everyone to be ready for Kindergarten when they leave at the end of the year,” said Schutte, “but most importantly, I want to create a happy learning environment for the kids and make sure that they look back at this time as a year that they really enjoyed.”

The LRHS Mini Mustangs VPK program gives high school students a chance to work in an actual on-campus day care facility, teaching and interacting with three- and four-year-olds.

Weather scuttles Mustang Homecoming game

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Weather forced the cancellation of the Mustangs’ Homecoming football game against the Charlotte Tarpons.

School officials say the remainder of tonight’s Homecoming activities will be conducted at the dance.

LRHS’s Homecoming dance is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Saturday.

LRHS Principal Craig Little said, “We appreciate the patience of our students and fans and regret any inconvenience. I’m proud of the Mustang spirit our kids and staff have shown this week.”


NHS tutoring available to students

Cate Eschmann – LRHS News

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – The LRHS National Honor Society’s (NHS) after school tutoring will begin Oct. 1.

After school tutoring helps students who are struggling in their classes. Learning from their peers gives students a better chance to understand the concepts.

“It could definitely help students raise their grades,” said freshman Erica Rojas.

Sophomore Ashton Adams said tutoring is a proven success.

“If students are learning from other students than they will learn better,” she said. “Because they are closer in age they know how you will best understand.”

Tutoring will take place from 2:15-2:45, the first Wednesday of every month in room 567.

Pep rally and Spirit Day wrap up Homecoming 2014

Alison Sporer – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS Mustangs ended Homecoming Week with Spirit Day and the traditional Friday lunchtime pep rally.

Seniors Kalei Vicars and Nico Sanchez said goodbye to their last homecoming week at the Ranch.

Member of the LRHS Silver Stars dance team entertain a lunchtime pep rally audience.
Member of the LRHS Silver Stars dance team entertain a lunchtime pep rally audience.

Sanchez dressed up for everyday this week. His favorite day was Disney day when he got to dress up as Walt Disney.

Vicars favorite day was Cradle to the Grave where she dressed up as an old lady.

“Since this is my last year here, I had to dress up everyday this week”, she said.

Freshman Kendall Wilson and Danielle Castrogiovanni got to celebrate their first homecoming week at LRHS. Wilson and Castrogiovanni have been to every football game this year, but are most excited for the homecoming game.

“My favorite game so far was the blackout game,” says Castrogiovanni.

LRHS Senior class president Bailey French (2nd from  right) congratulates Friday's Homecoming Spirit Day winners.
LRHS Senior class president Bailey French (2nd from right) congratulates Friday’s Homecoming Spirit Day winners.

Wilson’s favorite part about Homecoming is the costume contests and the music.

“My favorite day this week was Cradle to the Grave, because I got to wear my onesie around all day”, said Wilson

Castrogiovanni likes the Dance contests and the eating contests.

“The pep rally gets me really pumped for homecoming and the football games,” he said.

Castrogiovanni’s favorite day this week was Disney day because she got to dress up as a 101 Dalmatian.