LRHS color guard provides friendship and entertainment

Heather Johnson – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS Sophomore Emilee Spencer played the clarinet in band last year, but this year has decided to join the school’s Color Guard.

“I found out about the team from best friend Alley Leg,” she said.

Many guard members discovered the group with the help of their peers and decided to give it a try.

Senior Hailey Christensen found out from friends and developed a love of performing during halftime at football games and dancing.

“I like that you get to make new friends,” she said. “The whole band becomes your family, it is the best thing ever.”

Members are looking for more guys to join the team. “There are twenty eight girls and one guy on the team, we need more boys. It’s a fun sport and anyone can do it,” said Christensen.

With the new school year comes new uniforms, and Mustangs are giddy with excitement for the new design. “The outfits are cute and sparkly,” stated senior Melissa Danforth.

The color guard is coached by Karissa Hubbard and assistant David Hall. This year’s sponsor is Coastal Orthopedic, “We are so grateful to have people who are willing to donate,” says junior Niki Freer.

The team is working diligently on this school year’s routines and dance performances, spending hours perfecting their style.

“Practices are very hot and tiring.  We work every day after school, but it’s nice to see your hard work paid off in the end,” said Freer.

The LRHR color guard is preparing for a competition Oct. 11 in Seminole.


LRHS students still await planners

Megan Spranger – LRHS News

(Lakewood Ranch, FL)- After rumors surfaced about the 2014-15 planners being released this week, confusion buzzed around the LRHS campus because the planners never came.

Assistant Principal Dr. Melinda Lundy answered the question many students have.

“Students should be expected to have a planner in their hand on or before September 10.”

Until these planners are delivered and handed out, Mustangs are able to view the 2014-15 planner online.

“First look at the planner for this year is on the LRHS website under the student tab,” said Lundy.

Planners have been delayed due to new district rules.

“All the changes in the district policy planners were sent out later than normal,” stated LRHS bookkeeper Doddie Ranney.

Some students remain frustrated without planners.

“We need them and we need them now,” declared junior Sarah Edwards.

New dean serious about future and kickball

Theresa Morrissey – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) The LRHS Administrative team has added a new face. Michael Escorcia is a newly added dean, and is enjoying his first year at the Ranch.

New LRHS dean Michael Escorcia helps monitor the school's courtyard.
New LRHS dean Michael Escorcia helps monitor the school’s courtyard.

“I was an Algebra 1 and Geometry teacher for 10 years, six years at Sugg Middle school and four years at Buffalo Creek Middle school,” he said. “Being a Dean at a high school is totally different from being a math teacher.”

Escorcia, who was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua is branching out from his math teacher career, hoping that LRHS can open up new doors for his life and future.

“My goal is ultimately to become part of administration, and being a Dean at LRHS really opens up so many doors for me, so I’m looking forward to my time here,” Escrorcia adds.

You can often find Escorcia assisting students at lunch or in the Discipline office, but when he isn’t at the Ranch you can often find him on the kickball field.

“I belong to an adult kickball field since I love kickball, so that’s something I love doing in my free time.”

LRHS marks school year’s first blood drive

Kailyn Scully – LRHS News

blood drive
Mustangs have proven to be generous blood donors over the years.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS campus was filled Thursday with Mustangs proudly wearing colorful bandages around their arms and smiles on their faces. Their pride is built around the fact that they just saved a life with a pint of their own blood. It was the day of the school year’s first LRHS blood drive.

Junior Connor Hetterich said, “Today was my first time giving blood and at it felt a little weird, but it was worth it because I know that I am helping people out, and I got out of class.”

The One Blood Foundation sponsors the school blood drive and rewards students who donate their time and blood with a Blood Drive t-shirt, soda, and pizza.

LRHS Blood Drive Committee member Meghan Wolfe said, “We have had a great turnout, considering that it was the first blood drive of the year.”

Mustangs consistently are among district leaders in annual blood donations.

LRHS A-Team kicks off 2014 season

Jenna Greenfield – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – There’s a club for just about everything at LRHS – including information some may consider trivia.

The LRHS academic team (A-Team) is starting up again and looking for new members eager to participate.

Social Studies teacher Benjamin Hall has taken over as the club’s sponsor from Science teacher Tammy Harper.

“A-team is a trivia based competition club.” said Hall, “Any students, under and upperclassmen, are welcome with any sort of specialized knowledge in subjects like art, literature, math, science, and history.”

The team competes at four different competitions against other high schools around the area throughout first semester.

“I’m the team’s third coach and I’m pretty excited to take over,” said Hall, “It’s a fun club so don’t be intimidated to come and try it out.”

Mustangs don’t need to fill out an application or try out, they just have to show up to practice once a week.

A-Team meets in room 565, every Thursday from 215 to 4 pm.