Industry certifications help Mustangs and local business

Natalie Earp – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) While all LRHS graduates leave with valuable academic skills, some go into the world with knowledge highly desired by local and national manufacturers and businesses. These are the school’s industry certified Mustangs.

The LRHS class of 2014 featured 195 industry certified graduates. One-hundred-fifty-five Mustang underclassmen have certifications, as well.

Florida requires schools to develop and adopt rules for implementing an industry certification process, based upon the highest available national standards for specific industry certification, to ensure student skill proficiency and to address emerging labor market and industry trends. Students must pass demanding exams in order to earn certification and LRHS offers exams in a wide variety of fields.

Industry certification has many advantages. Students who earn a credential by passing a certification may earn up to two student-selected verified credits to meet high school graduation.

High school certifications can also help lead students to associate degrees, certificates, and industry-recognized credentials which help find skilled employment and give them the option of later returning to school for a higher degree.

LRHS Career Counselor Michelle Todoroff said industry certifications are good for both students and the economy.

“At the state level, Florida Statutes require that career and professional academies be coordinated with the appropriate industry indicating that all components of the program are relevant and appropriate to prepare the student for further education and for employment in that industry,” said Todoroff.

“This program provides the following benefits; added value to a transcript, increased job opportunities and enhanced self-esteem,” she added.