LRHS “Wolf Pack” runs a distinct path

Matthew Bell – LRHS News

LRHS sophomore Kendra Brown proudly wears the “Wolf Pack” collar

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – A new fashion trend is catching the attention of students and staff at LRHS, and is slowly gaining popularity. Known as The Wolf Pack, these students wear dog collars and before they were banned, animal tails.

Sophomore Kendra Brown shed some light on the group as a whole.

“It’s not really a gang, but more of just a friendship,” Brown said. “We have around 30 people in our ‘pack.’ We also do have people out of state who wear the collars as well.

“If people want to be a part of what we are, they have to talk to the ‘Alpha’ of the group and get to know them,” she said. “People also have to be very committed.

“As of now, we have seven official members, and we have a waiting list of roughly 15 students,” said Brown. “We usually meet in the mornings around the media center, and sit with each other at lunch.”

Brown also said that the Wolf Pack sends a message to other LRHS students.

“Give the people respect. We are the ones with the courage to get up in front of a crowd and be different,” she said. “We know the people will make fun of us, but we do it anyways. We also do it mostly for fun, but people should be expressing themselves however they want and not be distinguished against.

“Another thing we do when we can’t find our friends, is howl. Lets say we lose each other in the mall. She’ll bark, and I’ll bark back.”

An issue the students have to deal with is the administration enforcment of the school dress code. Students wore short animal tails, and they were confiscated. Now the collars are becoming a problem, but Brown is not worried.

“The collars are necklaces, so if they take them away, they would also have to take away all other necklaces worn by students.”

Senior Megan McGinnis thinks that the group inspires students to express themselves.

“I’m very defensive of the group, although I’m not a part of it,” McGinnis said. “I think students should be able to dress how they want, I mean we’re all human beings. I’m friends with a good handful of the students, and they’re all very nice people. Being a part of the group gives the feeling that they’re a part of a bigger family. It is different, but there have been weirder fashions, and they should be accepted, because we’re all human, and humans unique.”

Assistant Principal Valencia Lowen doesn’t mind the fashion choice, but warns it could be a possible distraction.

“I think the tails and collars should be worn out of school.” she said.

The Wolf Pack seems to be growing in size and is gaining popularity.